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Over 21.5 million Americans over the age of 12 have a severe addiction

1980 10,000 deaths 1990 12,000 deaths 2000 18,000 deaths 2010 36,000 deaths 2017 72,000 deaths 1980 10,000 deaths 2000 18,000 deaths 2017 72,000 deaths

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The Recovery Network is a non-profit, shame-free recovery experience that uses the power of connectivity to help the human spirit beat addiction.

Powered by an innovative volunteer model, which is enabled by a social platform, it helps guide those who suffer from addiction to the personal help they need. Through The Recovery Network, you can:

  • Connect Connect

    Expert and local advisor community

  • Learn Learn

    Original and curated hope content

  • Locate Locate

    Finds meetings, programs and sites

Loved ones are on the front lines. They’re just as sick and broken as the addicted. They need a support system that can get past the shame and stigma. A platform that can provide a clear and non-biased path to hope.
You can help us create more hope.


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